Token Types

The word ‘token’ in this context means a coin or similar object which is issued for use in place of regular or official coinage. Members’ interests include both the classical series of 17th, 18th and 19th century tokens along with a whole range of coin-like objects which are collectively known as ‘Paranumismatica’. I.e. outside the scope of formal Numismatics consisting of Tokens, Tickets, Passes, Jetons, Historical Medals and Medallions.

Up to a few decades ago tokens were mostly treated as curiosities and often relegated to the dealer’s ‘junk box’ but today there are avid collectors and researchers of almost every conceivable series. An introduction to some of these can be found in the links to sections below.

A small selection of token types.


Lead Tokens

17th Century Tokens

Unofficial 19th Century

Token types

American Civil War

Ancient Order of Foresters

Communion Tokens

Co-op Checks

Prepayment Tokens

Hop Tokens

King William's College

Engraved Coins

Public House