Severn Hawk

Severn Hawk

The remains

Severn Falcon
LPB Identification No. 47 DRM Identification No. N/A AJP Identification No. N/A
Source (LPB)(GF)(JP)(CL)(DF)(DW)(MN)
Name P.o.R Description Dates
Severn Hawk

Bristol 9/35

Gloucester 9/49

Bird Class Steel Barge

1935 - 1974
Official No. 163860 Code N/A
Builders Charles Hills & Sons, Bristol (yard no 237)
Dimensions Length 89.8ft Breath 18.8ft Depths 6.3ft

Tonnage – ( ) Gross 86.01 ton Net 76.7 ton B.D

Engines By H.P. None
Beached date Pre Nov 1972
Beached by Capt Bill Savage, Bob Green, Dick Woodward, Eric Aldridge, Doug Munday, Donald Fowler

(1937 – 1948 Gloucester Port Arrivals)

Fate Put to reinforce canal bank at Sharpness seen Nov 1972

Broken up – MNL Supp March 1974

Crewed by Doug Munday who often went to Cardiff

First Owners Severn & Canal Carrying Co, Ltd, Bristol (36)

British Transport Commission, 55 Broadway, London S.W.1 Manager Arthur C. Lisle. Dock Office, Gloucester

British Waterways Board (1967)