Severn Falcon

Severn Falcon 1973

Clear view of Severn Falcon 1st July 1973 run up close to the foot of the Severn and Wye Bridge turntable stanchion. Note how the bank is devoid of reeds and the steel hawser used to tether FCB51, is visible within the foreground.

Severn Falcon 2003

Severn Falcon’s name barely clings to her bows.


Severn Falcon

LPB identification number


DRM identification number


AJP identification number








Severn Falcon

Bristol 9/35

Gloucester 9/49

Bird Class Steel Barge

1935 - 1971

Official number 163863

Code N/A

Builders: Charles Hills & Sons, Bristol (yard no 237)


Length 90.1ft

Breadth 18.75ft

Depth 6.2ft

Tonnage – (1949) Gross 86.0 ton Net 76.69 B.D

Engines None

By N/A

H.P. N/A

Beached date

6th October 1971

Beached by

Stanegarth – Capt. Ken Tytherleigh

Dick Rugman (1st Engineer)

John Powell (2nd Engineer)

Bankmen Dick Woodward – Russell Smith

Eric Aldridge – Doug Monday


Image of Severn Falcon steel barge in 1935 at Bristol

Image of Severn Falcon stern, Bathurst wharf c. 1937 (Sm 109)

Fate Bristol cert transfer to Gloucester 04.04.1949, cert delivered up

BS3.95 adrift of Sharpness entrance 18.11.49 but saved

Crewed by Doug Munday who often went to Cardiff

Mr Davie once radio operator on board

John Perkins last diary entry 4th October 1968 Sharpness to Avonmouth

5.10.71 Towing Severn Falcon Sharpness docks – RIVER – Severn Bridge

6.10.71 Towing Severn Falcon in position in canal

Fate Broken up – MNL supp. March 1974

Bank of Severn at pier of demolished railway Bridge seen Aug 1975

First Owners

Severn & Canal Carrying Co, Ltd, Bristol (35 - 48)


1948 – 1967 British Transport Commission, 55 Broadway, London Manager Arthur S. Lisle, Dock Office, Gloucester

British Waterways Board (1967)