Severn Eagle

Severn Eagle 1949

Tug Addie and Severn Eagle – Sharpness bound.

Severn Eagle 1972

Severn Eagle to sail no more – beached Sharpness.


Severn Eagle

LPB identification number


DRM identification number


AJP identification number








Severn Eagle

Bristol 7/35

Gloucester 8/49

Bird Class Steel Barge

1935 - 1972

Official number 163861

Code N/A

Builders: Charles Hills & Sons, Bristol (yard no 236)


Length 89.95ft

Breadth 18.85ft

Depth 6.2ft

Tonnage – (1949) Gross 85.37 ton Net 76.06 B.D

Engines None

By N/A

H.P. N/A

Beached date

14th May 1972

Beached by

Stanegarth – 1964 - c. 1975

Skipper Ken Tytherleigh

Dick Rugman (1st Engineer)

John Powell (2nd Engineer)

Bankmen Dick Woodward – Russell Smith


Photo of Severn Eagle Steel Barge seen 1935 Bristol

Gloucester Port records Capt Tonks on 18th September 1937 from Avonmouth with 144 tons of general cargo

Gloucester Port records Capt Payton on 15th November 1948 from Avonmouth with 137 tons of copper

Fate Bristol cert transfer to Gloucester 04.04.1949, cert delivered up

Bound Newport, light in tow of Tug Bristolian, stranded east of Walton Bay on 17.10.49 Togo, Severn Eagle and Sabrina 5

BS3.95 With Toga and Sabrina 5 ashore Redcliffe Bay 17.18.10 1949. Severn Eagle and Sabrina 5 later Savaged

Photo of stern view, Avonmouth R.E. Dk Eastern arm 20th July 1957 (Sm)

John Perkins last diary entry 1st October 1969 Sharpness to Gloucester

4.10.71 Towing Severn Eagle Sharpness – Purton

14.5.72 Towing Severn Eagle to graveyard

Fate Put to reinforce canal bank at Sharpness seen Nov 1972

Broken up – MNL Supp 23rd March 1974

Crewed by Doug Munday who often went to Cardiff

First Owners

Severn & Canal Carrying Co, Ltd, Bristol (36)


British Transport Commission, 55 Broadway, London S.W.1 Manager Arthur C. Lisle. Dock Office, Gloucester

British Waterways Board (1967)