purton Hulks

Largest ships' graveyard in maritime Britain

Listen to the remarkable story behind this site of historical importance.


The Hulks at Purton

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General archaeology
Harriett excavation

General Archaeology

NAS surveys of Purton Hulks 2008
General archaeology

Harriett Excavation

For three days in September 2009, members of the ‘friends’ joined forces with Archaeologists and students of the Nautical Archaeology Society to undertake a survey of the mast head section of Purton hulk ‘Harriett’. With no extant Kennet Canal narrow beam barge to research, this dig provided a unique opportunity to answer some of the questions regarding the construction of these type of vessels. This undertaking and subsequent research laid the foundation for ‘Harriett’ to be both registered as a ‘National Historic Ship UK’ registration number 2347,  and in June 2010, to be ‘scheduled’ as a Ancient Monument, number 1021451. Affording the ‘lady’ legal protection to rest in peace.  ‘For further details see ‘Harriett’ page on site site.