Lighter No. 9

Lighter No. 9

The remains

LPB Identification No. 46 DRM Identification No. N/A AJP Identification No. N/A
Source (LPB)(DW)(MN)(JE)
Name P.o.R Description Dates
Lighter No. 9

Bristol 18/2

Steel barge

1902 - c.1965
Official No. 114878 Code N/A
Builders A. W. Robertson & Co, London
Dimensions Length 70.1ft Breath 20.4ft Depths 6.5ft

Tonnage – (1941) Gross 76 ton Net Not recorded

Engines By H.P. None
Beached date C. 1972
Beached by Capt Oliver Powell, Jimmy Common, Bob Green, Dick Woodward, Russell Smith

R.C Sept 1954 no longer required
John Perkins diary entry 20th March 1961 from Gloucester to Worcester John Perkins Diary
No 9 Bristol 114878 pp 1126 Memory of Jack Evens rail RPO 864/34,56,57 Ray Savage recalls that one of the steel hoppers buried on the wall was an ex G. T. Beard barge that was converted into mud hopper No.9

First Owners Basil Pym Ellis, Westminster, (Avonmouth New Dock Works) (08)

G.T. Beard (1929) Ltd., Gloucester (36)

British Transport Commission (1962)

British Waterways Board (1963)