Lighter No. 6

Lighter No. 6

The remains

Name P.o.R Description Dates
Lighter No. 6

Bristol 15/02

Steel barge

1902 - c.1972
Official No. 114875 Code N/A
Builders A. W. Robertson & Co, London
Dimensions Length not recorded Breath not recordedt Depths not recorded

Tonnage – (1941) Gross 76 ton Net Not recorded

Engines By H.P. None
Beached date C. 1972
Beached by Capt Oliver Powell, Bill Savage, Jimmy Common, Bob Green, Dick Woodward, Russell Smith

C.C. & R.C. 16.12.09 used on London River

Vessel beached shore side of main collection
First Owners Basil Pym Ellis, Westminster, (Avonmouth New Dock Works) (08)

British Transport Commission (1962)

British Waterways Board (1963)