Lighter No. 23

Lighter No.23

The remains

Name P.o.R Description Dates
Lighter No. 23

not recorded

Steel barge

Official No. not recorded Code N/A
Builders not recorded
Dimensions Length not recorded Breath not recorded Depths not recorded

Tonnage – () Gross Net Not recorded

Engines By H.P. None
Beached date C 1976
Beached by Capt Jimmy Common, Bob Green, Dick Woodward, Russell Smith

NCA recalls that the steel lighter No.23 was used for timber
No 23 afloat at Sharpness September 1968
John Perkins diary entry 9th June 1969 from Gloucester to Sharpness John Perkins Diary
Not located in the Adams aerial photos of 1972
Once located, Mike Nash recalls No.23, was used to burn the marina rubbish and is therefore prematurely filled not as a result of deposition but with the remains of ash from previous fires.

First Owners Mousell Chadborn

British Waterways Board (1963)