J & AR

10. (11) (16) J & AR (DMc)(CG)(AJP)(LPB)(GF)(RS)(DJW)

Graham Farr
Name P.O.R Description Dates
J.& A.R. Gloucester 2/94 Wd. K. (Decked) 1894
Gloucester 2/36

Dimensions – (1894) L. 76.75 B. 18.2 D. 5.9 Tonnage – (1894) G 60.37 N. 48.84 B.D. 2.91
Tonnage – (1901) G 77.3 N 65.77 B.D 16.83
Tonnage – (1936) G 77.3 N 65.77 B.D 16.83
Builders Saul, Fredrick Evans (sandfield)

Miscellaneous 99535

First Owners 15.1.94 (64)Jacob Rice, Gloucester
Changes 21.4.97 (32) Arthur Samuel Rice, Gloucester & (32) Jacob Rice, Gloucester
17.9.06 (32) Arthur Samuel Rice, Gloucester & (32) Rev Samuel Hawker/Eli Ayland, Gloucester
17.9.06 (64) Arthur Samuel Rice, Gloucester
18.8.19 (64) Eli Ayland & Reginald Edwin George Smith, Gloucester
25.10.21 (64) Louie May Goode ,wife of Douglas Frank Goode, Woodford, Essex
30.6.22 (64) Jacob Rice & Sons Ltd, Gloucester
5.11.34 (64) Jacob Rice & Sons Ltd, Gloucester in liquidation
5.11.34 (64) Jacob Rice & Sons Ltd, carriers by water Gloucester
11.5.36 R/A as dumb barge

Photograph in

Lloyds Class

Now bge 36
Seen Aug 1949 at Gloucester
1951 made into a breakwater at Purton/at Sharpness very close to Glenby
RC. 29 Jan 1951 “no longer required” On canal bank at Purton

Name stood for Jacob and Abraham Rice
Glos 2/15,1.94 1dk f&a, 2, K, sq, cvl,-,- wd open tw.
R/A 11.5.36 as dumb barge

Gloucester Records Office

Vessel Name: J & AR GRO Ref D4292 (08  ) (09 ) (10 ) 
Official Number of Ship: 99535 Notes B (Sail) Saul 1894 Frederick Evans
Port Number: 2-1894 Port of Registry: Glos British or Foreign Built: Glos 1896
Number of decks: 1 & forward raft
Number of masts: 2
Rigging: Ketch
Stern: D stern Build: Clinker
Galley: –
Head: –
Framework: Wood Open Trow
Tonnage: 54. 46 GR 77.30 reg 65.77
Tonnage under tonnage deck Reg 65.77
Closed in space above the tonnage deck if any, vis
space or spaces between deck
Round house
Other enclosed spaces (if any) naming them Box 16.83
Gross tonnage, being registered tonnage, if a sailing ship
If a steamer deduct allowance for propelling power, as per other side
Registered tonnage if a steamer No of Tons:

Length 76.75
Width 18.2
Depth 5.9
Name, Residence and Description of the owners,
Numbers of Sixty Fourths
Shares held by each owner
Registry closed detail: Closed 11th May 1936


Any other notes:
Jacob Rice died 23rd May 1906.
69/09 CC & RC 29th June 1951 vessel used as a breakwater on River Severn.
Registry no longer required
Advice received from Manager.

GRO D4292/1/08 (57)
No of decks 1 & fore raft
No of mast 2
Rigging ketch
Stern D
Build carvel
Galley none
Head none
Framework wood open trow
Certificate cancelled and registry closed 11/5/1936 registered anew
GRO D4292/1/09 (69)
Certificate cancelled and registry closed 29/1/1951, vessel used as breakwater in the River Severn. Registry no longer required advice received from owner

Graham Farr via Robin Craig
J. & A. R. Wd K 1894 – Saul
1 On Severn Bank near Purton as a breakwater 29.09.51
Not reg extant 1953

Eric Aldridge
Belonged to Butts
Warehouse in picture is the North Warehouse

Mr Andrews Photos
LC 67 – 10 FCB 77, J.& A.R., FCB 52, Britain Ferry, Monarch @ Purton Bank 26 Feb 1967

Louis Paul Barnett
Not seen in 26th March 1946 photo
Last reference in 1947 Mercantile Navy List (Not 1951)
Note not recorded in 1930 Mercantile List but in 1951 list

Gloucester records office
D2460/2/3/1/10 (127)
Following vessels delayed as a result of flooding (November 29th 1910) and being unable to transverse Westgate Bridge Wasp, J. & A. R. and Monarch

Vessel Name & No. First registered Tonnage First mention Last mention comments
J&AR 35 60 1912 Purton

Gloucester Ships Register
1894-1906 Closed 11th May 1936
Jacob Rice died 23rd May 1906
Res 1936 Closed 29th January 1951
Certificate cancelled and registry closed 29th January 1951 vessel was used as a breakwater in River Severn. register no longer required advise issued by manager

Gloucester Records Office
Mr D V Webb notes talk of Trows, J & AR Joseph & Arthur Rice
Leitrim & Monarch & Fame

Colin Green April 1975 Chart
Located marked 2 annotated J & A R trow built Saul 1894 ketch box trow

Information from Mercantile Navy Lists etc Compiled by Hugh Conway-Jones
Built Saul 1894, Off No 99,535
1900 Ketch 49t Jacob Rice, Gloucester
1910-19 Ketch 66t Arthur S Rice, Gloucester
1929-47 – 66t Jacob Rice & Son Ltd, Gloucester
See Crew lists Glos RO D3080

Bill Knight
7) J&AR. Built at Saul by Fdck Evans in 1894. Change of tonnage 23/8/01. Deck fore and aft. 2 Masts. Ketch rig. Square Sern. Carvel of wood. Open trow(Side-cloth). 76.75×1 8.2×5.9.
48.84/65.77 tons. Owner. Jacob Rice of Gloucester. Canal Carrier. Register closed 11/5/36.

Charlie Langford
Crew member of the Tugs Addie, Resolute and Primrose
Born 1925
Aged 78
Deep sea 1943 – 1962
Sharpness 1962 – 1990
Date of interview 19.06.03

CL recalls these vessels may have been built at Chepstow or Bristol and states that he played an active role on board the tug Primrose, which was used to beach various concrete lighters. Furthermore he particularly remembers a dangerous collision between a concrete that was being beached and one that was already located on the bank near the wooden trow J. & A. R.

J. & A. R
CL identified this vessel as being on the bank at Purton and states she was named after members of the Rice family i.e. Joseph and Arthur.

CL recalls the loss of the B Warehouse at Sharpness with particular clarity as it took place on the same night as he moved into his dock side house on 05 November 1934 and states that the building contained 6000tons of grain which was completely lost as a result.

David Macgregor
1929 – 22nd November 2003
Date of interviews 20.03.03 & 10.07.03

J & A.R.
DM reacted to being told the presence of this vessel on the bank in the following manner “Oh is she?”

visual identification

John Oliver Maggs
Benjamin Perry employee
Born April 1931, Aged 74
Interviewed 2-04.05
J. & A. R.
JM recalls this vessel as being a frequent visitor to Bristol docks and further states that she was similar in shape to the Katherine Ellen and Ada

Doug Monday
Crew and Skipper of the
Crane Barge Gloucester
21st February 2004,
10th March 2004 and
17th March 2004
J & A.R.
DM recall this vessel afloat and recalls her trading to Bristol during his time at Charles Hills.

A J Parker
PURTON: KEY TO PLAN OF BOAT REMAINS Reference A. J. Parker (1998)
11. J & AR (1894) (Macgregor 16). Trow

John Perkins aged 74
Lighterman on the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal and River Severn
1955 -1969
First interview 26.06.03
J. & A.R.
JP recalls that “ we used to tow the former wooden ketch the J. & A. R. with 120grt of dry cargo in early 1950s.
Ray Savage
Skipper of the tug Speedwell and canal man
Born 1924
1946. – 1989
Date of interview 29.06.03
J. & A. R.
RS identified this vessel by name

Joseph Rice Senior
J&AR = Jacob and Albert Rice named after young Albert who died as a young man in 1898?

Robert Schopland’s List of Vessels at Purton as of 22-04-1957
Trow J. & A.R.
Photographs taken 21-09-1957 by RS show the following vessels in situ
J. & AR.
Len Williams
Port of Bristol Warehousing Manager
Aged 82
1932 – 1976
J. & A. R.
LW identified this vessel by name and stated that she was a regular vessel at Bristol on business for the grain importers, Healing Flour Mills in Gloucester/Tewkesbury. Furthermore LW believes that she was owned and skippered by Jacob Rice and latterly Ben Cooke as he had meet and spoken with both men in the dock office during formalities to issue the vessels Bill of Ladening by the BPA clerk Clarence Williams.

2. A trow, J&AR, built 1894, of particular technical and historic interest. This boat is in danger of collapse and being washed away.

Waterways Archive
Ref Notes
54.1663 J & A. R in Gloucester docks 1935

Dick Woodward
Beached 1951

David Wheeler
No physical description by DJW pre 1960.
Physical description and named via a photo taken by DJW in 1965.

David Wheelers June 1965 List (up dated)
Wooden vessel boxed of Gloster (trow) J.& A.R.

Chris White
Flat 8, 14 Sandford Road, Winscombe, North Somerset, BS25 1JB
J and AR 99535 Built Saul 1894 owned A S Rice Gloucester/ Reg Gloucester Trow 66 tons Hulked Purton 1951.

Dicky Woodward Aged 80
1950 -1988
British Waterways as Suction Plant Operator
Born 13th December 1923

Date of interview 10 May 2003 and 8 June 2003

J. & A. R.
DW identified the vessel by name and states she was named after the company owner and his wife i.e. the Jacob and Annie Rice (also Anna belonged to same company.