George of Bristol


The George at Welsh Back, Bristol


George with Jane


George of Bristol

LPB identification number 8







George of Bristol




Wd. Bge ex Tw

1827– 1938

Official number 11728


Builders: - Gloucester


Length ft

Breadth ft

Depth ft

Tonnage – () Gross 80 ton Net B.D

Engines None

By N/A

H.P. N/A

Beached date


Beached by




First Owners



Alfred J Smith LMD – 9 Queens Square, Bristol, (1930)

George and Jane

Recorded in 1930 Mercantile List
Seen with Jane in Bristol Sept 1931 GF photo
Located at Lydney in 13th April 1939 GF photo
No reference in 1950 Mercantile Navy List
Seen partly broken in GF 1954 photo
Seen in 1957 grid-iron aerial photo
Remains still visible on Hamish Fenton aerial photograph 2013

George and Jane remains

Graham Farr via Robin Craig Archive

George                                                Wd. Bge ex Tw                                   1827 – c.1938             
1 Outside Georges Brewery, bge Jane 1800 at left Sept 1931 (122/31)
2 George and Jane Dumped at Lydney 13th August 1939
3 George and Jane, Lydney grid-iron 1954

Jane of Bridgwater (small D stern (nearside)) and George (large D stern (riverside)) at Lydney gridiron (LPB) A contrast of sterns – the wide transom of the more orthodox trow George of Bristol and the narrow stern of the Jane at Lydney grid iron

Gloucester Records Office

The George (appearing under Sims & Hart at various times) is still to be seen in the bank at Lydney Pill, west of the dock, she loaded 80 tons.

Nibley Photo via paper report

???? 07717707193 (aged 55 ???) knew the site 1955/56 as a child and considers the photo taken 1960 -65
Further advised of Harbour Masters being Mr Turner & Mr Steary
Vessels identified are Johnadab, George, and Sneed
Started work 1966 and thus visited site less frequently

MNL 1930

Name George of Bristol
Off No 11728
Rig Sloop
Built Stourport 1827
Reg tonnage 34 ton
Reg owners Alfred J Smith LMD – 9 Queens Square, Bristol,
Manager Percy Berrill same address