FCB 75

FCB 75

The remains

FCB 75

Plaque at Purton

FCB 75
LPB Identification No. 19 DRM Identification No. N/A AJP Identification No. 19
Source (LPB)(JC)(JPr)(DF)(DW)(DJW)
Name P.o.R Description Dates
FCB 75 N/A ferro concrete barge 1941-c.1965
Official No. N/A Code N/A
Builders Wates Building Group Ltd – Barrow in Furness
Dimensions Length 84 ft Breath 22.6 ft Depths 8.1 ft

Tonnage – (1941) Gross 332 ton loaded Net not recorded

Engines By H.P. None
Beached date C. Spring 1962
Beached by Resolute with Capt Oliver Powell, Jimmy Common, Bob Green, Dick Woodward

Purtons FCB’ have no reference in any Mercantile Navy List
Concrete barge reg: to F. A. Ashmeads & Sons Ltd. Beard Avonmouth
Len Williams does not recall the concretes ever being at Bristol or Avonmouth, however he states that he came back to work at Avonmouth Docks in 1946 following active war service and thus believes that they may have already been transferred to Sharpness.Glos Port arrivals notes FB 75 of Bristol (lt) arrived empty from Avonmouth 18th July 1946
Glos Port Records
Glos Port records 4th October 1946 FB 75 to Northwick Buoy to lighten grain John Perkins diary entry 13th June 1964 FCB No. 75 from Sharpness to Gloucester
John Perkins diary
Various concrete lighters were positioned across the gates of the old arm and adjoining basin for some time prior to beaching.
Janet Presley photograph noted FCB 75 afloat 6th May 1965 and beached at Purton July 1966
David Wheeler noted that FCB 75 was not located during his June 1965 visit but had been beached Monarch by his return in October1969.Jimmy Common recalls beaching FCB 75 with Resolute c.1965. Further he also recalls once hitting the Cambridge Arms bridge hole whilst towing her to Gloucester with the Resolute. As a result she was damaged and required patching. (this is still evident today LPB)

First Owners Fred A. Ashmeads & Sons Ltd, Bristol

George Thomas Beard, Gloucester

Ben Cooke Ltd

British Transport Commission (1962)

British Waterways Board (1963)

Phase one report