Emerald beached



LPB identification number 23










– 1957

Official number N99


Builders: Honey Street, R. L.& P


Length 72ft

Breadth 14ft

Depth 6ft

Tonnage – () Gross Net B.D

Engines None

By N/A

H.P. N/A

Beached date

c. 27.08.1957

Beached by




First Owners

United Alkali Co, Bristol


Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd, Bristol (1936)
F.A. Ashmead & Son Ltd

Louis Paul Barnett 2019

It is now known that Emeralds timbers now lay alongside her sister ship the Celtic after they both set sail from Bristol Harbour on the same tide of 27th August 1957. Traveling down the Avon both vessels would have required a massive amount of careful manoeuvring within the confines of the tidal waterway due to having been recorded as being ‘laid up’ and thus costing her owners money inport dues. That said her real endeavour lay ahead of her – after leaving King Roads and heading upstream to Lydney on her slow final journey to oblivion at the hands of the Severn fierce tide stream. Her story at last – so much remains to be recorded and thus pending!

Not recorded in 1930 Mercantile List
Not recorded in 1951 Mercantile List
Not located in aerial looking North 1957
Not located in aerial looking Pine End 1957
Located in Graham Farr 1959
Located and broken up in 1971 John Daniel photo
Recorded in Colin Green 1996 Chart

Eureka!! 8th April 2019 – A Great Day

A recent visit to the Bristol Archive and a deep delve into its wonderful collection has unearthed the following:

Port of Bristol Authority Register of Vessel laying up books Ref PBA/MGT/AD/14/1-6

Celtic 1.05.1957 – F.A. Ashmead & Son Ltd – 75 Burthen – 27.08.1957 for BU
Where birthed – Totterdown
Total Birth fees paid £6-15s-6d

Emerald 1.05.1957 – F.A. Ashmead & Son Ltd – 75 Burthen – 27.08.1957 for BU
Where birthed – Totterdown Junction – Pooles Wharf – Totterdown Junction – Totterdown Basin
Total Birth fees paid £4-14s-9d

This is therefore conclusive evidence that both the Celtic and the Emerald as formerly owned by Fred Ashmead, a company renowned by its history for beaching its old timber fleet in various places on both the River Avon at Sea Mills – (Ruby and Gem), Purton (Harriett and Dursley) and now Lydney (Celtic and her alleged sister ship Emerald). We thank the company for them all and eagerly await to see where others will turn up!!

Emerald Lydney (Aerial 1955) (CH 1961)

Graham Farr Index Cards

Name                          P.O.R                          Description                 Dates
Emerald                                                           Wd Bge                      
N 99
Dimensions     (       ) L. 72     B. 14   D. 6     Tonnage – (      ) G   N      B.D

Builders          Honey Street, R. L.& P

Engines                                   By

Miscellaneous Side walks
O.N.                Code

First Owners United Alkali Co, Bristol


Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd, Bristol (1936) F. A. Ashmeads, Bristol (LPB)

Advised on bank @ Lydney following use by Fred Rowbottom via Max Sinclair (LPB)
Advised on bank @ Lydney via C Hambridge (LPB)

Graham Farr via Robin Craig Archive
Gem & Emerald at Bristol Bridge 29.08.38