Cleprod No. 1

Severn Conveyor

Severn Conveyor 1937

In Avonmouth R.E. lock hold dumb tank barges Severn Commerce (ex Cleprod No 2) and Severn Conveyor (ex Cleprod No1) July 1937.

Severn Conveyor 1986

Severn Conveyor in a sea of grass at Sharpness c.1986


Severn Conveyor ex Cleprod No 1

LPB identification number


DRM identification number


AJP identification number








Severn Conveyor ex Cleprod No 1

Bristol 2/30 Gloucester 3/51

Steel tank barge

1930 – 1977

4 months to build

Official number 149999

Code N/A

Builders: Charles Hills & Son, Bristol (yard no 182)


Length 90ft

Breadth 21ft

Depth 7.4ft

Tonnage – (1930) Gross 126 ton Net 123 ton B.D 111

Tonnage – (1951) Gross 125.82 ton Net 122.82 B.D

Engines None

By N/A

H.P. N/A

Beached date

16th September 1977

Beached by

c. 1975 - 1980

Stanegarth - Skipper John Powell

John Pennington (Engineer)

Bankmen Dick Woodward – Russell Smith


Sister ship to Severn Commerce ex Cleprod No 2

Purchased by Bristol Oil Storage Co. Ltd in 1930 for £2500

NWM photo (54.0537) showing barge Cleprod No. 1 in Diglis Lock 30 – 35

In Avonmouth R.E. Locks with dumb tank barges Severn Commerce (ex Cleprod No2) and Severn Conveyor (ex Cleprod No1) 31st August 1937 (339/37)

Pre-War Skipper John “Jack” Rimmer

Renamed Severn Conveyor 1951

Fate: reg closed and transferred to Gloucester 17.04.1951

Converted from oil tankers to dry cargo by Priday Metford c.1951

Skippered by Tom Davies of Gloucester

Lloyds Class AI. 8/32 (Limit Cardiff)

Severn Commerce known locally as ‘a cow mouthed barge’

13.09.77 Gloucester - Purton Towing Cleprod

16.09.77 Purton – Sharpness – to River – Cleprod

Fate GRO Certificate cancelled & registry closed 29th Sept 1977 vessel BU

B.U. MNL Supp Oct 1977 (named as Severn Conveyor)

Dumped on Severn bank at Sharpness

First Owners

Ellesmere Port Oil Wharfs, Ltd


Bristol Oil Storage Co. Ltd London (33)

Severn and Canal Carrying Co Bristol (45)

Wheatcraft Ltd., (Priday Metford) Gloucester

Fox Elms Ltd City Mills, The Docks Gloucester manager John Bevan (51)