The remains viewed from Barnwood

Name P.o.R Description Dates

Gloucester 2/18

Steel barge

1905 - c. 1973
Official No. 140474 Code
Builders Robert Cock & Sons, Richmond Dock, Appledore (yard number123)
Dimensions Length 84.3ft Breath 19.3ft Depths 5.3ft

Tonnage – (1918) Gross 66.50 ton Net 63.50 ton

Engines By H.P. None
Beached date C. 1973
Beached by Capt Oliver Powell or Bill Savage, Jimmy Common, Bob Green, Dick Woodward

Master Jonah Tandy 25th April 1918

Master Jonah Tandy 16th January1930

Seen in 11 June 1966 photo

John Perkins Last diary entry 4th March 1969 from Gloucester to Stourport

Not seen on the bank in the November 1972 aerial photograph

First Owners George Thomas Beard (1918)

G.T. Beard (1929)(1930 1936)

B. M Cooke (Glos) Ltd (1955)

British Transport Commission (1958 1962)

British Waterways Board (1963)