The remains viewed from the Chedworth

LPB Identification No. 51 DRM Identification No. N/A AJP Identification No. N/A
Source (LPB)(GF)(GRO(JP)(CW))
Name P.o.R Description Dates
Brockworth Gloucester 7/17 Steel barge 1913-c.1973
Official No. 140471 Code N/A
Builders Robert Cock & Sons, Richmond Dock, Appledore (yard number181)
Dimensions Length 84.8 ft Breath 18.4 ft Depths 4.6 ft

Tonnage – ( ) Gross 59.04 ton Net 56.04 ton B.D

Engines By H.P. None
Beached date C. 1972
Beached by Capt Oliver Powell or Bill Savage, Bob Green, Dick Woodward, Russell Smith

Seen on the bank in the November 1972 aerial photograph

Bristol photo taken 08 1951 by F.G. Warne

Certificate of Survey (alteration of Tonnage 23rd January 1950)

Still afloat 1969

First Owners Chadborn Son & Taylor (6th June 1917)

Mousell Chadbourn & Co, Gloucester (36)

British Transport Commission (1961)

British Waterways Board (1963)